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10 Foolproof Ways to Cool Off Right Now

When it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk until it's charred to a leave-the-diner-without-paying level, it's time to take "cool down" into your own hands. If you find yourself scrambling for easy ways to stay cool that don't include your AC, try these low-cost cool down ideas right away!

1. Create your own shade for patios and decks

Project via Tee @Beauteeful Living

Turn a sun-baked backyard into a breezy oasis, by adding inexpensive shade covers to open patios, porches, and pergolas.

2. Keep a small ice bucket filled with drinks close by while you're outdoors

Project via Cori @Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Cold drinks are a great way to cool your body down inside and out. Keep some chilled bottles closeby, by turning an empty bin or bucket into an outdoor ice bucket.

3. Or better yet, bring out a summertime drink cart

Project via Jenny @Refresh Living

Outfit a small cart with glasses, drinks, and ice, and keep it at the ready, to cool down guests and kids enjoying time outside.

4. Have a sponge ball fight on the lawn

Project via Aimee @It's Overflowing

Cut up Dollar Store sponges, to create the perfect weapon to pleasantly surprise your kids (or guests)!

5. Add water gun stations around your yard for impromptu cool-off battles

Project via Andrew @Scrappy Geek

This pool-noodled station will keep you from losing neon plastic pistols all over your lawn, and it's also a great way to "cool someone off" when they're least expecting it.

6. Spend plenty of time in the pool

Project via Katie @Addicted 2 DIY

If you don't have an awesome dream pool of your own, invite yourself over to a friend's. Don't worry - they'll understand.

7. Or set up a temporary stock tank pool

Project via Katie @Let's Add Sprinkles

You don't need a full sized pool to stay cool - a stock tank has just enough room to sink down and escape the heat and it costs less than $300!

8. Or just lounge poolside

Project via Pamela @From My Front Porch to Yours

You don't have to go in the water to enjoy it - just sit close by, where the breeze and any spray coming off the water (from your splash-crazy kids) can reach you.

9. Find a shady spot in your garden and lie down in the grass

Project via Kim @Exquisitely Unremarkable

Even when it's boiling outside, a patch of lush green grass in the shade will still be cool to the touch. Lie down flat on your back (or on your front, if you're really adventurous) and lose that hot and bothered mood.

10. Set up a delicious sundae bar

Project via Jillian @Jillianistasia

With this sweet set-up you can enjoy a delicious dessert that will simultaneously keep you cool (and we're not counting brain freeze).

For more cool down ideas, check out our DIY page on Hometalk!

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