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YouTube Aiming to Broadcast Live NBA, NHL Games

The internet's predominant video sharing phenomenon, YouTube, has seen its net worth skyrocket year after year and with minimal changes in the site's landscape and widespread use for the matter, the online company is hoping to change just that in the near future. Not looking to take a mere step or two, however, in the progressive direction, YouTube is going for the gusto in gearing towards live broadcasting of NBA and NHL games. Shoot for the stars. Right, folks?

While the NBA is locked into an exclusive contract with TNT, as well as Disney, who owns both ESPN and ABC networks, come the end of the 2015-2016 professional basketball season, YouTube is free to offer up their negotiations. How does several hundreds of millions of dollars sound? Giver or take a few.

While the sudden urge to host live sporting events doesn't exactly come out of nowhere, due to the site's recent coverage of lesser prestigious leagues, including India's Premiere League cricket matches and Japan's Major League Baseball games, the likes of the NBA and NHL are obviously much bigger fish to fry, but it is in large part more attainable when you have a juggernaut, the likes of Google backing you up.

With the online website hoping to cash in on the mass market that is professional sports, there will undoubtedly be the purists who argue the games and events should be strictly held to live television. But let's face it, the wave of the future is leading towards all access internet. After all, live streaming is becoming overwhelmingly popular these days and is showing no signs of letting up. Here's to you, YouTube and all the innovation to come.

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