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XTC Boutique Hosts Fashion Show at Town Square

Today three great brands are coming together to unveil their new Spring lines in a huge fashion show! FoxFlare, Syrup Swimwear & XTC Boutique hosts this event inside of the Town Square Shopping Center, and are poised to make this show the first big event in fashion which welcomes in the pool season here in Las Vegas.

FoxFlare is a locally-established brand that prides their clothing on representing one’s personal individuality. With pop culture-themed apparel and fresh, yet casual styles and designs, FoxFlare offers young, edgy clothing and you’ll be able to check out what they have in store for the Spring!

Syrup Swimwear is one of the premiere lines on the west coast. Influenced by the Mediterranean beach party lifestyle, Syrup and their sexy styles make sure that day club attire compliments your frame the best way possible. They will be showing off their Spring/Summer 2012 line this afternoon as well.

XTC Boutique provides an array of apparel and merchandise from some of the trendies styles in Sin City. Designed by Mark Tracey of Chemical Space, XTC Boutique continues to grow in popularity amongst the local elite, and will play host to the fashion show. And with KitFox Models showing off the threads, DJ Baby Chino spinning the music, and special guest appearance throughout the day, the show expects to be a huge success with original flair and sexy apparel. So come out, enjoy the event and we’ll see you there inside of Town Square!

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