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XS Nightclub in Las Vegas continues to break the rules...

It was another memorable Monday as XS nightclub celebrated its second Industry night, with a cast of celebrities, a champagne-bottle war and hundreds of sparklers lighting up Las Vegas' No. 1 nightclub inside Encore Las Vegas.

Former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. highlighted the night, making his first visit to XS with a group of friends as they overtook one of the venue's VIP dance-floor tables.

XS was also the destination for hip-hop star Pittsburgh Slim, who delivered an impromptu performance of his hit song, "Girls Kiss Girls," and his new, yet-to-be released song, "Sip Champagne," from his VIP table around 3:15 a.m. to the delight of the raucous crowd as camera flashes lit up the room.

Also at XS was poker star David Williams.

Words are flying around that the head count reached over 3,500+ people again on a Monday night. Our props go out again to the Waits brothers for making history on another Monday night as this clubs reaches for the nightclub of the year award.

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