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WWII Machine Gun Found In Lithuanian Mail

VILNIUS, Lithuania ~ (AP) ~ Lithuanian customs and postal officials got quite a surprise when they opened a rather heavy package; inside they found a fully operational WWII German machine gun, complete with ammo.

 Officials at the Vilnius International Airport said the World War II era, German-made MG-42 machine gun was discovered after they scanned a suspicious 44-pound package; the box had been postmarked as originating in Lithuania and was bound for Germany. Customs spokeswoman Asta Mikeleviciute says this was the first time that customs authorities have uncovered such a parcel, and an investigation has been launched to determine who mailed the fully-automatic weapon.

 No evacuation was ordered for the Vilnius International Airport, but authorities have been placed on alert. Even though WWII ended in 1945, Lithuania and other East European countries continue to uncover large amounts of weaponry and unexploded ordnance, even more than 65 years after the war.

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