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Capybara in Paso Robles

World's Largest Rodent In California Sewer

CALIFORNIA, U.S. ~ (KSBY-TV) ~ The largest rodent known to man is on the loose in California’s sewer system.

Near a Paso Robles wastewater treatment plant a large capybara has been spotted.  Eyewitness descriptions of the creature include the likenesses of a giant rat or guinea pig.

Capybaras are the world’s largest rodent, this particular one weighing in at any where from 100 to 120 pounds, according to the California Department of Fish and Game.

Native to South America, it remains a mystery as to how a capybara made its way to California.

Wastewater operator Nick Kamp was having a normal day until he spotted the animal rising from a wastewater pond.  The pond is the last step in the water treatment process before dumping into the Salinas River.

Kamp described the rodent as having, “the body of a pig, but it had a longer nose and head to it.”

The creature appeared to be calm and friendly as it locked eyes with Kamp before gingerly resuming its swimming routine.

Capybaras are very adept swimmers and navigators; this particular specimen knew right where to head to reach the larger Salinas River.

The capybara has not been seen since Kamp spotted and photographed it.  “It just made its way back out into the river and that was it.  We haven’t seen it since,” he said.

Capybaras live around seven or eight years and are illegal to own as pets in the state of California.  There is still no evidence as to how this creature made its journey all the way from South America.

Photo Credit: Nick Kamp

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