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Wayne Newton Being Evicted?

There are only a handful of entertainers in the world that hold the acclaim of successfully gracing the great Vegas Strip. The one we're discussing today is the undisputed Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton.

That's right! Wayney baby! The man with a voice and a stage presence famous for making women melt in the audience, is having some less than attractive " well, scary actually " media attention.

According to the AP, the Nevada State Court opening hearings fielded death threats concerning the singer stemming from a potential home eviction. This is regarding the palatial residence Newton and his wife have lived in since 1968! Hmm, that 3-day notice must have really gotten lost in the mail.

So far, Newton's lawyer, J. Stephen Peek, is down a point failing to have their first request for "beefed-up courtroom security" fulfilled. Meanwhile, Charles McCrea Jr., the attorney representing the estranged business partner-turned-landlord Steven Kennedy, "denies threats were made, or that extra security is needed," according to AP reports. Our gavel wrangling Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez weighed in stating, "says she's satisfied courthouse security is sufficient."

So why are we all in court today? Apparently, "the Newtons and Kennedy have traded allegations of breach of contract, fraud, mismanagement, animal abuse and sexual harassment." Wow! The only thing more impressive then the number of outlandish accusations is if they were true and committed all at the same time. That would have to be some kind of Guinness World Record. And what better place to have the title bestowed than the City of Motherf***ing Sin, baby?!

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