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Was Underage Bobbi Kristina Brown Gambling?

Last weekend – when Bobbi Kristina Brown was on hand to accept a music award given to her mother, the late singer Whitney Houston – police received word that the 19-year old girl was seen gambling at a Las Vegas hotel.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “The investigation follows a video posted by celebrity website that appeared to show Brown sitting at a slot machine at the city's MGM Grand hotel and casino on Saturday.”

For those of us that need to brush up on Sin City laws, the following is what Nevada State law calls for:

“Nevada state law prohibits gambling by anyone under 21. Minors caught gambling are subject to up to six months in jail or a fine of up to $1,000.”

Can you imagine? You fly to Vegas to receive a prestigious award on behalf of your dead music icon mother and you end up fined or in jail? Talk about an antithetical weekend!

In an interview regarding the now highly publicized issue, David Salas, who’s the deputy chief of enforcement at the Gaming Control Board released this statement: "We've received the reports, have been notified of the video from multiple sources and have an investigation open.” In other words, we are taking the socially acceptable measures to cover our asses and quickly conduct Operation: Damage Control.

Now I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to quote this next statement from the report word for word. I think you’ll see why. “The MGM Grand is cooperating with the probe, hotel spokeswoman Yvette Monet said.” Simply put. Amazing. The written art of innuendo hilarity at its finest, if I may say so myself.

Salas did mention, “[There are] ‘numerous examples of minors being cited’ for gambling, but he couldn't recall the last time a case involved the child of a celebrity.” Um… that would be my biggest secret. Tons of kids are getting in trouble yet you can’t remember any that involved a celebrity name? Let me take a stab at this and connect these partial dots. I’m guessing when big money rolls through the door that most likely will run up a endless tab that could single handedly pay for the place’s lighting bill for the month, their kids can give the place as much, or play as much craps as they want! We didn’t see a thing! I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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