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Virginia Serial Butt Slasher Strikes Again, Remains At Large

Fairfax, Virginia ~ (NBC) ~ A serial butt slasher is at large in the Fairfax, Virginia area.  That’s right, one man has become obsessed with slashing the rears of females who are shopping at local boutiques and malls.

The butt slasher usually wonders around a store and waits for his victim to be distracted by falling clothes or rubbing against a rack.  Then, the slasher pulls out a razor blade or a box cutter and slashes the victim’s rear.

The butt slashings are no laughing matter according to local authorities who have been pursuing the slasher since the first of nine reported attacks in February.

The first victim, who remains anonymous, was attacked at the Fair Oaks Mall.  The 20-year was visibly pregnant and exhausted after a day of shopping.  She was headed towards an exit when she noticed the reflection of a man in the door ahead of her.  Right before she opened the door she felt a pinch on her rear.  When she grabbed the tear in her leggings her hand came back covered in blood.

A recent attack a Forever 21 store in the same mall transpired in a similar way.  Falling clothes distracted an 18-year old when she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her backside, which she thought might be a scratch from a clothes hanger.  She later realized that her shorts had been cut through with a blade and she was bleeding.

Former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary told that the attacker would not stop until he has been caught.

Another profiler Ted Williams, who has 15 years experience in the Washington D.C. area, stated that the butt slasher attacks resemble the early crimes of the D.C. sniper.

Local police have set up a task force and hope surveillance photos and videos will identify the slasher.  He is described as a heavyset Hispanic man in his late 20’s, standing about 5 foot 6 inches tall.

Photo Credit: NBC

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