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Vegas Scene Live With Tony Cress and Select LV Dance Crew

Is your fitness on point? Are you ready for the 2010 pool season in Las Vegas or are you all about the late nights, alcohol and greasy food? Tonight on Vegas Scene Live we'll be joined by personal fitness trainer Tony Cress who has more than 10 years of experience in the fitness and training world. But that's not all! Tony Cress is also a member of American Storm, which The Best of Las Vegas refers to as the "Best Male Strip Show" in the city!


Also on the show will be the lovely ladies of "Select LV" dance crew, an all female dance crew here in Las Vegas. We'll have Erika, Dafne, Kimmie, Jackie, Jessica, Meshelle, Mikha and Nikki joining us in the studio tonight to discuss what it means to be #1 in the entertainment capital of the world!

To tune into Vegas Scene Live, our live weekly internet show, simply visit at 8:00pm and press play!

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