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Vegas Sandwich Sparks Nationwide Lawsuits

Remember a few months ago when I reported about the Heart Attack Grill that has the reputation of, well, killing patrons after chowing through their Tripple Bypass Burger in a gluttonous rage? Well, New York’s 2nd Ave Deli in Manhattan has fired back at the Vegas eatery by way of calories, menu, and court!

“…and today’s special is an angioplasty with a lawsuit on the side.”

The UK’s Daily Mail reported over the weekend that, “The Second Avenue Deli won a court fight with a Las Vegas-based burger joint on Friday over the names of their gut-busting foods.” Wait a second. You’re probably all thinking, “Can’t we all just be fat?” Hell no! Do you have any idea how much pride an establishment feels when it stuffs enough calories down your face-hole to stop your heart? Certainly not an honor they are about to share without a fight. (Wow this world is sick!)

“Claiming trademark infringement, The Heart Attack Grill (HAG) in Vegas ordered the deli to stop serving the fare calling it a knock off of their own medical-themed restaurant and menu.” According to a cease and desist letter obtained by the New York Daily News, they claimed, “We believe you copied Heart Attack Grill's family of medically themed food items, including its 'BYPASS' trademarks.”
Alright New York…. Your ridiculous rebuttal? “The deli responded by taking the grill to court claiming to have been serving the sandwich long before the grill opened in 2005.” Now before I tell you which way the judge ‘leaned,’ I’ll give you one hint. The man enjoys his pastrami!

That’s right! “A federal judge in New York sided with the deli while also deciding the two eateries don't resemble each other with the New York deli notably offering kosher food.” Badda bing! Badda boom! Wait a second. What am I thinking? The Italians like to eat… but this is a win thanks to the Jews! If only Vegas had the kosher calories… they may have had a case. But alas, these schmucks got shmutz!

(Images from NY Daily News and Daily Mail)

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