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Vanity Nightclub Las Vegas - The Locals Nightclub

Vanity Nightclub inside of the Hard Rock Hotel here in Las Vegas could quite possibly be one of the most underrated venues here at the moment. Why do I say this? There are plenty of reasons.


In comparison to the Light Group's "Haze Nightclub", it's not very often that we hear about Vanity whether it be on the radio or via fliers or online media such as this website. Haze at City Center has hit the nightlife industry hard with amazing weekly performances, bringing in mega celebrities to rock the house, one after the other. Although Vanity had a large grand opening weekend with celebrities like P.Diddy, the Hard Rock's newest venue seems to be holding its own without spending big bucks on advertising. I attribute this to one thing - Vanity Nightclub is awesome.

I said it. It was my second time being there since it's early 2010 opening. I suppose since it's off the strip, it's not a place that I think to frequent on a regular basis. Like most other venues here in Las Vegas, the music was amazing, the girls were phenomenal and the atmosphere was unreal. But what set Vanity aside from the other nightclubs to me was is exclusivity. Although it was their industry night, I think its off-the-strip location attracts more locals, giving you a nice mix of the nightclub feel without the ridiculously drunk tourists. Everyone was out to have a good time. The staff was unusually courteous and friendly from the bartenders to the bouncers and it wasn't uncommon to run into someone you know.

The venue is spacious with a large dance floor and VIP seating throughout the club. Last night, I learned that there was an outdoor area with a fireplace and cabana-type VIP seating as well - which will be perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Vanity Nightclub inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is open Thursdays through Sunday from 10pm to 4am. You can follow them on Twitter at @VanityLV or of course, find upcoming events on our Las Vegas Events page. See you at Vanity!

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