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Ugandan School Used Unexploded Bomb For A Bell

(Reuters/Daily Monitor/ ~ A mine awareness team working in rural Uganda was shocked and amazed to find a local school using an unexploded bomb as a school bell.

The Anti-Mine Network organization was in the area to visit schools and teach kids how to spot unexploded ordnance when they saw teachers banging on the suspended bomb to call students to class at the 700-pupil school in a rural area, according to the Daily Monitor. Wilson Bwambale, coordinator with the organization, told the paper, "its head was still active, which means that if it is hit by a stronger force, it would explode instantly and cause untold destruction in the area." He also said the bomb would be exploded safely in a cordoned-off area.

This is the second bomb located in a Ugandan school by the Anti-Mine Network in the past six months. Another bomb was found being used as a toy by schoolchildren at lunchtime, and then put away in a storeroom during lessons. The Ugandan military has fought two rebel insurgencies over the last two decades, leaving mines and bombs littering former battlefields across the country.

Photo credit: Reuters

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