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Turkish 12 Year-Old Thwarts Jewelry Store Heist [VIDEO]

According to an English translation of a Turkish news video via Posta TV a twelve year-old year boy managed to stop an armed thug from ripping off a jewelry store.

You’ve heard of Turkish Star Wars and Turkish Superman well it looks like Turkey just found its own real life teenaged superhero.

Surveillance footage clearly shows a masked thug pulling a gun in a Turkish jewelry store before being amazingly stopped by a young boy.

The criminal wore a surgical mask and sunglasses.  He entered and placed a bag on the counter before pulling a gun out of his pants.  He then instructed shop owner Mehmet Karagoz to fill the bag with items.  Instantly the young twelve year-old sprung into action lunging at the crook and pushing him towards the door.  Once out the door the robber had nothing to do but flee the scene.

A security tape of the June 24 incident has recently leaked onto the web, including YouTube.

According the video’s description on YouTube, police later identified the criminal as Mustafa S. and arrested him.  Apparently the robber lived near the shop.

The video is gaining hits on YouTube quickly and currently stands at 655,334 views.

Sadly but predictably the usual string of racist and insane comments follow the video’s YouTube posting.  Seriously YouTuber’s who cares what part of the world this kid s from or what color his skin is, he is a serious and fearless hero.  I guess that’s why nobody reads the comments on YouTube.

Check out the video here:

Twelve Year-Old Stops Robbery

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