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Its Time For Las Vegas to Check in to REHAB

There's no place like Las Vegas during the summer pool season. This month, Vegas is welcoming back the world famous REHAB Pool Party at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for its seventh season!


REHAB has been known for dominating the Las Vegas "daylife" experience for years and is sometimes credited for starting a trend which later brought us places like TAO Beach and Wet Republic. This year, the pool party kicks off on Sunday, April 18th.

Last year we opened up the 2009 season with Snoop Dogg. This year, The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is bringing in more A-List celebrities and some of the music industry's biggest acts, including Wyclef Jean. To top things off, the venue will be welcoming back TruTV for filming of the third season of "REHAB, Party at the Hard Rock Hotel."

Interesting fact: more than 4,000 partygoers will travel from around the world to come and get the REHAB experience first hand...EACH WEEKEND, making it the biggest entertainment destination in Sin City.

“There’s no doubt the Hard Rock Hotel is Las Vegas’ ultimate destination for the world’s most beautiful, stylish, and affluent people from all over the world,” said Phil Shalala, CMO, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. “We’ve been looking forward to the summer of 2010 for two years now, knowing that our multi-million dollar expansion would be complete. The new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is unlike anything Las Vegas has ever seen and promises to be an experience our guests will never forget.”

REHAB party at the Hard Rock is every Sunday starting April 18th until September. Doors open at 11am and the party goes on until sunset. Cover charges vary, but is generally 40 for men and $20 for women. This season, local ladies are free!

We can't wait to bring you more exciting photos from REHAB Las Vegas this year. Stay tuned, and don't forget your sun block!

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