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The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver Calls Sarah Palin a Froot Loop

You know the lady is just a total embarrassment to our country when people from all over the world are weighing in on her stupidity; including our partners in crime, the Brits.

British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, 35, called Sarah Palin a “Froot Loop” during a panel at Food Network’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival for knocking the Obama administration’s healthy eating initiatives, which include a recently approved bill that would provide additional funds to get better food on the table in schools and expand nutritional programs.

Oliver, also known as the ‘Naked Chef,’ even went so far to say that getting healthy foods to kids is a civil rights issue.

Oliver, who is a big nutrition advocate in the UK and has dedicated much of his time and money trying to get kids to eat healthy and become more aware about nutrition, said the U.S. is in “a really dark moment” and is also aware that every one out of three kids in the States is either overweight or obese. He also has congratulated this government for finally trying to do something about it.

The new law doesn’t force kids to do anything or infringe on their rights as Palin suggests, it merely gives them healthier choices. So basically Palin is just talking shit to talk shit.


I gotta say, his choice of words fit her to a tee because she is like a froot loop; colorful and sweet on the outside but useless and full of shit on the inside.

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