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The Hip Hop Living Legend Award Given to The Jabbawockeez

For the third year in a row, the World Championship Finals of the USA and World Hip Hop Dance Championships will be here in Las Vegas and this year, they will be awarding The Jabbawockeez with the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award next month inside the Orleans Arena.

Headlining the Monte Carlo currently, the Jabbawockeez will be moving to a new Luxor theater next year and is the first dance crew in the 11 year history of the award to receive the honor. With over 6,000-plus fans in attendance at the championship finals, many of the best dance crews (who will also be in attendance) will see the legendary crew receive their award and give them all something to appreciate and aspire to. Since appearing on Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew seven seasons ago on MTV, the Jabbawockeez have received world-wide acclaim and international success from critics, fans and fellow dance crews alike.

Hip Hop International President Howard Schwartz said: “Jabbawockeez’s unmatched mystique and captivating performance style launched the group from street credible to world famous through live performances and high-profile media attention. In the process, they have inspired many of their fellow street dancers to pursue careers and reach for their dreams in dance.”

The championships run from July 30th – August 5th at the Orleans Arena and along with current “ABDC” winners, The Elektrolytes, many former star crews of the show along with crews from around the world will be on hand to perform and compete as the world champions of hip hop dance for thousands in attendance.

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