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Thai Salon Enhances Breasts By Slapping Them

Okay, so modern society has to deal with the fact that some females want a bigger bust size.  Everyone can argue over the controversial reasons that women may or may not feel pressured by society into conforming to a certain ideal of beauty, but it won’t change that fact the demand for breast augmentation surgeries still exists.

Plastic surgery comes with many risks but what if there were a way to enhance breast size with no pain?  Well, almost no pain.

According to story in The Bangkok Times a Bangkok beautician claims to provide breast enhancement using an all-natural method, slapping.  Yes, you heard it here first; if you want bigger boobs all you have to do is slap them around.

On second thought, the slapping technique is ancient and secret, so it shouldn’t be tried at home.  Beautician Khemmikka Na Songkhla, aged 40, told The Bangkok Times “I'm the only one in this world who can practice this wisdom.”  She continued, “The wisdom is like foot massage, but ancient people didn't share it much because back then people didn't care about breast size.”

The salon that Songkhla practices the traditional breast enhancement technique is named Ban Tobnom.  The name has become well-known nation-wide and was even the subject of a validation inquiry by the Thai Health Ministry, according to The Independent.  The validation occurred after a woman claimed the treatment caused her to develop breast cancer.  The study found no evidence that the technique caused breast cancer and that it did indeed cause breast enlargement.

So there you have it, if you have $263,000 and a plane ticket to Thailand, you can get slapped around and leave with bigger breasts.

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