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Teen Killed Parents With Hammer Then Threw House Party

PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida ~ (CNN) ~ A local teen bludgeoned his parents to death, stashed the bodies in a bedroom, and then invited friends over for a house party, according to a police report on July 18th.

Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols told reporters that 17-year-old Tyler Hadley posted on Facebook around 1:30pm on Saturday, July 16th, inviting a few dozen friends to a party at his parents' house. Sometime after that, Hadley took a 22-inch framing hammer and fatally beat his parents, Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, in the head and torso outside the door of their master bedroom. He then dragged their bodies inside the bedroom and used, "books, files, towels, anything he could find inside the home to cover the bodies," according to Nichols.

At that point, the teenager proceeded to get his party on, and later somewhere between forty and sixty people showed up after 9:00pm. Nichols said that, "during the party and after the party, there was a rumor that perhaps Tyler had killed his parents." Investigators said they wanted to talk to more partygoers, but did not indicate if anyone saw the dead bodies locked in the bedroom. Police initially became involved after getting an anonymous tip, which led them to conduct a welfare check of the premises around 4:20am on July 17th.

Port St. Lucie Police Captain Tom Kryak also told reporters that Hadley appeared "nervous" when officers arrived, and told them his parents were out of town. They eventually found the alleged weapon between the stashed bodies. "This crime was certainly a merciless killing," Kryak said, "it was brutal." Autopsies are being conducted on the bodies of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, although initial police reports say "blunt force trauma" was the cause of death.

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