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Tattoos By & For the Stars at King Ink at the Mirage Hotel

Mario Barth, the founder of the prominent tattoo parlor, Starlight Tattoo, has another, very proud venture that opened its doors in early March of this year: King Ink, at the glamorous Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Credited as being one of the needle’s pioneers and one of the grandfathers of this acquired art, Barth also has founded ‘The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth;’ an annual event the draws in thousands of tattoo protagonists each year.

Announced during a May (2010) interview with Inked Magazine, Barth’s tattoo parlor at the Mirage is far more than your average shop. It features a fully stocked bar, a computer lounge with Wi-Fi, so customers with laptops can look up desirable pictures of what they want to get tatted on their bodies (computers are also provided free of charge for people to use), and an entourage of the many, now famous works that Barth has inked over the years for various clients.

In his own words, in the May interview with Inked regarding his new shop, Barth describes King Ink as a, “palace, with frescoes showing my work over the past 25 years. I see it as a way for the general public to get an inside view of what we (tattoo artists) do every single day. It educates people that walk in.”

You can check out King Ink any time by stopping in at the Mirage. Make sure that you say hello to Mario while you are there. He loves meeting new people. You can also find it online at:

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