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Taco Bell Worker Won't Give Up On Love Tries Handcuffs

RINGGOLD, Georgia ~ (Huffington Post) ~ There is a fine line between a grand romantic gesture and stalker grade behavior.  A Georgia Taco Bell employee is nowhere near that line.

Jason Dean had been making advances toward his co-worker Rebecca for about a month and was met with nothing but rejection.  The 28-year-old Dean would simply not give up on his undying love for the 18-year-old Rebecca.

According to The Chattanooga Times Free Press Rebecca had scheduled her work hours around Dean’s, to avoid any possible contact with him.

On Monday August 8th Dean got promoted from simply a creepy co-worker to an outright criminal.

According to the police report Rebecca was leaving work and heading to her car when Dean approached her.  He said that he wanted to talk.  When Rebecca refused he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and attached one half of them to her wrist.  He attached the other half to his own.

Rebecca screamed for her other Taco Bell co-workers to help her and three of them responded by rushing outside.

Eventually Dean let Rebecca go following the intervention of their other co-workers.  They stood by Dean and yelled at him to release her.  There was no physical altercation.

He fled the scene in a green Nissan, only to be arrested two days later by Dalton State Campus Police.

Dean was detained at the Catoosa County Jail.  He was charged with false imprisonment and held on a $2,500 bond.

Taco Bell could not be reached for comment or to confirm or deny if Dean was still employed with them.

Photo Credit: Catoosa County Sheriff

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