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Tabu Ultra Lounge Awarded By 2009 Club World Awards

Congratulations to Tabu Ulta Lounge Las Vegas for being awarded “Best Lounge” and “Best Bottle Service” by the 2009 Club World Awards.

Tabu Ultra Lounge Las Vegas

“It’s an honor to be nominated and a privilege to win; we are very pleased to regain our title of Best Lounge and also take home our first award for Best Bottle Service,” said Anthony Olheiser, director of nightlife for MGM Grand. “Our guests’ experience is our number-one priority; from luxury service to amazing entertainment, we work to make every night at Tabu` incredibly memorable.”

Tabu` received its first Club World Award for “Best Lounge” in 2004l for three consecutive years! The venue continues to reinvent itself each year bringing famous DJs, entertainers and party goers back for more!

Congratulations to Tabu Ultra Lounge Las Vegas for winning “Best Lounge” and Best Bottle Service” by the 2009 Club World Awards!

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