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Steve Harvey Hosts 7th Annual Hoodie Awards By FORD At Mandalay Bay

Steve Harvey hosts 7th annual Hoodie Awards by Ford at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 15, 2009. Co-Creator and host Steve and his wife Marjorie led the way of the Las Vegas event on the red carpet followed by a large group of celebrities.


Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |

The Hoodie Awards, considered the Oscars with an urban flair, have presenters from a talented group of actors, celebrities, recording artists, comedians who present the awards to community stars. This award is giving to community leaders, local businesses, high schools and churges for their neighborhood contributions of excellence.


Mo' Nique at Hoodie Awards

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Sherri Evonne Shepard

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Teena Marie

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Terrence J and guest Rocsi

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Tommy Davidson

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Sherri Shepard and Kym Whitely

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


La Van Davis and Cassi Davis

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |



Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Dr. Ian Smith - The View

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |


Judge Greg Mathis

Photo by Erik Kabik / Retna |

Some of the celebrities, actors and recording artists tonight on 7th Annual Hoodies Awards included: Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey, Judge Greg Mathis, Kym Whitely, Teena Marie, Sherrie Evonne Shepard, Mo’ Nique, Dr. Ian Smith, Tommy Davidson, K-Jon, Jazmine Sullivan, La Van Davis and Cassi Davis.

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