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Stern Show Sidekick Tells Tales of Heroism during Irene

NEW YORK, N.Y. – In the face of adversity, Stern show writer Benjy Bronk talks about his alleged heroic efforts to save fellow New Yorkers from Tropical Storm Irene as it made land fall early Sunday.

Speaking exclusively with, Stern Show sidekick Benjy Bronk says he came away from the storm, “A little bit stronger and braver.”

Bronk says he disregarded his own safety allegedly rescuing 100,000 New Yorkers off the stormy streets of Manhattan and delivered them to nearby shelters throughout the night.

The Stern Show funnyman says he does not consider himself a hero.

“However, If people want to call me a hero, I’m fine with that.”

Benjy said he does not seek official recognition from New York City because he considers himself  to be like Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angeles.

When asked about the scariest moments during the storm, Bronk said it happened during a heavy down pour; He was trying to hail a cab and was worried about his laptop getting wet and possibly ruined.

Benjy would not comment on other Stern Show staffers and their well-being during the storm. Instead, he offered up some strange off topic advice about bathroom etiquette while visiting a hot girl.

“I like to carry a trombone with me wherever I go, I tell girls I’m really into music and when I need to use the restroom, I carry it in with me and play it to mask the gross sounds.”

Hurricane Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm early Sunday morning after it reeked havoc along the Eastern seaboard killing at least 14 people as high winds and flood waters battered the coast.

Irene is expected to inflict tens of billions of dollars in damage before it concludes a three-day sweep that has left a trail of disaster from Atlantic beach resorts to Manhattan high rises.

When asked about his plans on Monday, Bronk says he plans to pump water out of friends and neighbors’ basements and clear fallen debris from around his neighborhood. Benji also claims to be posing for a body building exhibition at a retirement home for victims of hurricane Irene.

You can follow Benjy who was allegedly named the most handsome man in New York on Twitter at @bronk or visit

(Photo Credit: Benjy Bronk/ Twitter)

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