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Star-Studded Red Carpet Premiere Of Film ‘Reach For Me’ In Las Vegas

Star-studded red carpet premiere of film ‘Reach For Me’ at the Las Vegas Hilton on January 22, 2010. Giordano World Entertainment premiered the anticipated film with the film’s stars including Charlene Blaine, Lacey Chabert, Academy Award nominee Seymour Cassel, Adrienne Barbeau, Emmy Award winner Alfre Woodard and Larry Hankin.


Larry Hankin, Susan Rodgers, Charlene Blaine, Adrienne Barbeau

Seymour Cassel, Alfre Woodard, Lacey Chabert & Meghan

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |

The red carpet started with Elvis and several beautiful showgirls interviewing everyone on the red carpet. The invited list was long and we saw a few from the past.

Reach For Me Red Carpet Video by @24K


Playboy Model Tracy Nova

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Lacey Chabert

Photo by Scott Harrison |


Estella Warren

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Model Estella Warren and Actor Rhett Giles

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |

Some of the personalities who attended the premiere and after party included actress Lacey Chabert, actor Corey Haim, model Estella Warren with actor Rhett Giles, Playboy Model Tracy Nova Angelo and Chrsitine Giordano, Lani Misalucha & cast of Voices, Steve Rossi and producer Susan Rodgers.


Angelo and Christine Giordano

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Actor Corey Haim and Angela Cullins

Photo by Scott Harrison |


Actress Lacey Chabert

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Playboy Model Tracy Nova

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Seymour Cassel and Lacey Chabert

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |


Steve Rossi

Photo by RD/ Erik Kabik / Retna |

Reach For Me Red Carpet Video by @24K

About ‘Reach For Me’

Old and bitter, Alvin just wants some peace and quiet in his last days. His wish, however, is not granted when a young, vibrant and ironically full of life Kevin becomes Alvin's hospice roommate. Through this "odd couple" relationship, Alvin learns that it's not the minutes in our life, it's the moments in our life that matter. This is a heartwarming, uplifting, and very funny story of living life to its fullest.

Bill Cody is an entertainment reporter and journalist using social media in Las Vegas. He reports on celebrities, events, conventions, parties and all things Las Vegas. Visit VegasBill on twitter.

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