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Snooki Dead: Say it Ain't So

Rumors have been blowing up all over the internet that Jersey Shore party girl Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki, had died.  Well, guys sorry to disappoint but she's still alive and fist pumping somewhere as we speak.

It all started with one blogger saying that Snooki had died of a massive drug overdose, then it was like a wildfire from there.  Every blog and every social network on the internet was talking about the littlest guidettes demise with mixed emotions on the subject.  Some people were devastated while others were glad she was gone, with one blogger saying "good riddens to the most annoying person I've ever seen."

Snooki says she had no idea of the rumors until her Facebook and Twitter pages became littered with condolences of her passing.  She has since took to her Twitter page and reassured her legions of fans with a short video she made, proving that she is indeed alive and well.

Believe it or not Snooki is not the first to be rumored dead via Twitter.  Over the past year Twitter has been responsible for the false death reports of Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Nelson Mandela.  Sounds like there's alot of people on Twitter with nothing better to do than make up a bunch of rumors to see how fast they will spread.  But, alas, its all just a day in the life a celebrity or in Snooki's case a wanna-be celebrity.  I actually feel kinda bad for her, having to read all the horrible things people said about her thinking she was dead.  Hopefully, this will open her eyes to the way the world sees her and maybe she will become a better person.

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