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Sex On Water Slide Gets Couple Thrown Out Of Park

OPOCZNO, Poland ~ ( UK Daily Mail) ~ An exhibitionist couple at a Polish waterpark were ejected after having hot naked sex on a waterslide.

Not quite a mile high but still quite an achievement, the amorous couple were caught on closed-circuit television as the girl straddled her boyfriend in the staging area of the slide. One lifeguard commented that the couple did the wild thing for about five minutes before anyone realized what was happening. The mating pair finished off by hurtling down the chute, but within moments they found themselves in the hands of park security who escorted them straight to the park's exit, without even being allowed to retrieve their clothes.

A spokesman for the park said, "this is a family pool and water park and we want everyone to have fun, but not that sort of fun." At Alton Towers, men are banned from wearing Speedo briefs at it's Splash Landing resorts to "maintain the family friendly atmosphere". No word as to the couple's identity or if they later asked for their clothing.

Photo credit: UK Daily Mail

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