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Sacramento Priest Arrives To Baptism Drunk

SACRAMENTO, California ~ (Sacramento Bee) ~ For some, attending mass can drive one to drink.  One Catholic priest may be guilty of drinking before arriving to perform his official duties.

The Catholic church was forced to suspend a Sacramento priest from active misty after members of his parish complained that he had appeared to be drunk at a baptism on Saturday August 18th.

All Hallows Church in the Tahoe Park neighborhood of Sacramento has moved The Reverend Julian Medina from ministry for an indefinite period.

Reverend Medina was a part-time parochial vicar at the church.

The 64-year old showed up an hour late for a baptism ceremony scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  He was to baptize fifteen children in the ceremony.

When he did arrive, he words were slurred and he had difficultly walking.  According to witnesses, he was stumbling so much that he couldn’t stand and fell down.

The canon lawyer for the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento apologized for the incident.  “We apologize to the families who had to experience this incident,” the Reverend Santiago Raudes.

Following Medina’s sloppy appearance, a deacon was contacted and finished the baptism.

According to Raudes, around 150 parishioners were present for the sacrament.  When Medina eventually fell over, churchgoers helped him to the rectory.

Officials from the Diocese of Sacramento are investigating the incident.

Medina served as a priest in the Sacramento diocese for over 30 years.  He first served the diocese in 1978.

Ever forgiving the church and the Reverend Santiago Raudes said, “If he does have a drinking problem, then he will get the help and treatment he needs.”

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