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Sacramento Home To Worlds Heaviest Woman

SACRAMENTO, California ~(People Magazine)~ California is so bright, shinny, happy and healthy compared to other parts of the country, or least this view is shared by many.  Sacramento, California, however, is just like any other city in any other country in the world.

Except that it is the home of the world’s “heaviest living woman.”

Pauline Potter has just been crowned the heaviest living woman in the 2012 edition of The Guinness Book Of World Records.

Potter isn’t exactly proud of her official title, she just hopes that it will bring attention to her condition and get her the help she needs to become healthy once more.

The Guinness Book of World Records records Potter’s weight as 643 pounds in February 2011, enough for her to be deemed 2012 heaviest living woman.  Potter thinks that she closer to 700 pounds currently.

Potter is only around half the weight of the heaviest woman ever, Rosalie Bradford, who weight around 12 hundred pounds when she died in 1987.

Potter confessed to People the horrible and hurtful reactions of people when she leaves her house to go out in public.  She said that people would stop in their tracks to take videos or pictures with their cellphones.  The general reaction to Potter is that she is “contagious or maybe retarded.”

All of the hurtfulness is balanced by the kindness of a few strangers, who often hold doors or say hi when Potter passes by.

The world’s largest woman refuses to be the world’s saddest, citing her 19-year-old son as bringing her happiness.  She told People “I really do have a great life.”

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