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Ring of Superheroes Fight Crime in Seattle

No, no. This is not a headline warranted by a forthcoming feature film. This, my friends, is the true tale of a band of military and/or martial arts backed "warriors" formed in the means of protecting their beloved city.

Phoenix Jones, as is his given, superhero calling, of Seattle Washington is the ring leader of what basically boils down to being a grouping of men, who literally dub themselves each an individual hero name, dress up in appropriated "fantasy" garb, and wander the streets of the city in hopes of preventing crime and mishaps.

"There's nothing wrong with citizens getting involved with the criminal justice process -- as long as they follow it all the way through," says Jones in a recent interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Without even being recognized by his government name, it is said that the aspiring "Superman," if you will, has been monitoring the slums of his town for roughly nine months now, and has even come into a brush with a perpetrator and his knife on one occasion. However, most often, Jones admits, that when criminals witness a grown, masked man in a superhero outfit barreling their direction, they simply flee the scene altogether.

"When I walk into a neighborhood, criminals leave because they see the suit," Jones mentions in regards to his risk of danger. "I symbolize that the average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing."

Although he does not by any means encourage just anyone to take on the daunting task of fighting night time crime, Phoenix Jones is not at this alone. He has a crew of nine qualified individuals who also obtain their own "character," all in efforts of cleaning up the city.

"I don't condone people walking around on the street with masks," warns Jones. "Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we're well aware of what it costs to do what we do."

The heart is in the right place, I believe. But why not become a member of law enforcement or at least drop the childish costumes? Maybe some guys merely insist on fulfilling a pre-determined, childhood fantasy.

Quotes via Huffington Post

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