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Rihanna and Drake Debut What's My Name [Video]

Already heating up the radio airwaves for quite some time now, as well as climbing its way atop the Billboard charts (now number 1 amongst the Hot 100), the coupled collaboration from pop songstress, Rihanna and singer/rapper, Drake is now set off in visual form, appeasing all you aesthetically pleased individuals out there.

To say the chemistry for the featured footage was uncomfortably forced would be well, a big, fat lie due to the Barbados bombshell and Young Money emcee having had a bit of a shared "history" together. It's rumored that quite frankly, Ri Ri broke poor lil' Drizzy's heart after a short lived fling, but as can be gathered from their charismatic on screen performances in the video, you would never be able to tell whatsoever, that the two experienced any sort of problems. Quite the opposite, actually.

Featuring a few select settings, the "mini movie" opens up in what appears to be a gas station supermarket then shifts to Rihanna strutting her newly fashioned read do throughout the streets of whatever city, centered in, on to an intimate, little scene with her co-star in a quaint apartment, and finally capping the set off with an open field performance, accompanied by several street musicians. All in all, not the most amazingly awe-striking piece of visual artistry put together, but you can't deny the song is hot and the video will warrant a great deal of play.

The hit single, "What's My Name" is to be one of the more featured tracks appearing on Rihanna's forthcoming Loud LP, which is slated to release November 16th. In closing, let me disclose that I fully support any effort, in what ever capacity, that allows me to witness the beauty of such a unique creature. Man that came off creepy. Just enjoy the video.

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