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Rest in Teeth:Tenn.Man Exhumed To Swap Dentures [Video]

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. –“Rest in Teeth” –A Tennessee hospital said a man who was buried earlier this month with another patient’s dentures is expected to be exhumed in order to recover the false teeth.

An order from Chancery Court had been granted for the unusual exhumation of the body of 76-year-old Kenneth Ray Manis, who died on June 12.

After the funeral, his widow, Phyllis Manis, told the UK Daily Mail, she found another patient’s wallet, and keys mixed together with her late husband’s belongings.

She also found her husband's false teeth that were supposed to be buried with him.

Manis said her husband, an Army veteran of the Korean War, would not have wanted to be buried with something that didn't belong to him.

“'I knew he wouldn't rest in peace with this happening.”

“My husband is lying in his grave with this other man's teeth, and I just couldn't let it be that way. I knew my husband wouldn't want it that way.”

Parkridge Medical Center spokeswoman Alison Counts, told The Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Following the death of Mr. Manis, the hospital inadvertently gave the family his belongings and those of another patient. It is our understanding that these belongings were buried with Mr. Manis.”

Parkridge has apologized for the incident and has agreed to pay for the exhumation, court costs and new dentures for the unidentified patient.
Parkridge officials said, "As healthcare providers, our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Manis for the loss of their loved one.

"At the request of the Manis family, Parkridge agreed to assume the cost of exhuming the coffin so that the personal belongings could be retrieved. It is our intent that this action will bring peace and closure to the family."

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