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Real Life Vampire Attacks Florida Senior Citizen

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida ~(St. Petersburg Times)~ “I am a vampire, I am going to eat you,” was what 69-year-old homeless senior citizen Milton Ellis heard before his face, lips and arms were devoured by Josephine Smith, who at the time appeared to totally believe that she was a real life vampire.  Not the sparkling, dreamy Twilight-category vampire either, she was a full on blood-spilling creature of the night, attacking just before midnight, the witching hour.

The 22-year-old found Ellis napping in his motorized wheelchair on the deck of an abandoned Hooter’s restaurant on Thursday.  She viciously bit him, tearing off chunks of flesh from his face and arms.  Ellis lucky wasn’t seriously harmed and only received some stiches to repair the top layer of his skin.

Ellis made a daring escape for a local Shell gas station where he phoned 911.

The St. Petersburg Times shockingly reports that Ellis, ever the kind gentlemen, had invited his would-be attacker to share the deck with him while she waited for a ride to arrive from Pensacola.

Josephine did not remember Ellis extending her such kindness.  She claimed not to remember any details of the incident.  She could not explain why police officers found her naked and covered in blood, 69-year-old Milton Ellis’ blood.  According to Ellis, his attacker was clothed when he made his escape.

Smith is charged with aggravated battery on an elderly person.  Her bail was set at $50,000.

Ellis, who was seemingly innocent and kind to Smith, has been arrested in Pinellas County numerous times for panhandling, disorderly intoxication, trespassing and possession of an open container.

Give the guy a break, he didn’t deserve to be attacked by a vampire.

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