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Real-life superheroes perch on skyscrapers in dizzying photo series

Inside every human being is a superhero waiting to leap across tall buildings in a single bound.

In his newest photo series, Benjamin Von Wong photographed people atop skyscrapers dressed as their favorite comic book superheroes (and sometimes villains). His dizzying compositions, shot on location with real models, feature characters such as Wolverine, the Hulk and Harley Quinn.

Von Wong gathered his crew and cast of cosplayers in San Francisco for the photo shoot. In the video above, he demonstrated his process, showing how the models perched themselves on the edge of a 1000-foot building to allow Von Wong to take his wide angle photo.

BTS - 2014-06-23 17.26.32

Image: Benjamin Von Wong

"This photo shoot was hands down one of the craziest photo shoot I've ever done ... There's something fantastically inspiring about seeing people face and conquer their fears right in front of your eyes," Von Wong told Mashable.

"It’s a reminder that all of us, you and I, have it within ourselves to be whoever we want to be," he wrote on his blog.

You can see more photos and details about the photo shoot on Von Wong's website.

  1. Deadpool
  2. Harleyquinn
  3. Hellgirl
  4. Hulk
  5. Mystique
  6. Wolverine

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot.

  1. Bts_bonocore-2
  2. Bts_brent-2
  3. Bts_jess-2
  4. Bts_katherine-2
  5. Bts_kevin-2
  6. Bts_rooftop_bts-x3
  7. Group_shot

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