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R&B Singer Jeremih Celebrates Birthday at TAO Las Vegas [PHOTOS]

It was a 23rd birthday celebration for R&B singer Jeremih, best known for his hit single, "Birthday Sex," at TAO Las Vegas last Thursday night.

Jeremih at TAO Las Vegas | Photo by Tony Tran

The singer hung at a VIP table with his friends, drinking Moet Rose Champagne and Ciroc all night. "I usually dedicate this song to a special lady in the crowd, but tonight I'm going to sing this one for me," said Jeremih before transitioning into his song "Birthday Sex." The crowd went wild for the impromptu performance.

Also spotted at TAO Nightclub last Thursday was Spice Girl Mel B, magician Anthony Cools, and soccer player Wayne Rooney.

Jeremih at TAO Las Vegas | Photo by Tony Tran

Jeremih at TAO Las Vegas | Photo by Tony Tran

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