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Pterodactyl Artwork Attacks California Surfer Statue

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA, California ~ (Los Angeles Times /AP ) ~ Clandestine protesters opposed to the city's surfer statue landmark are at it again, redressing the statue with a pterodactyl attack motif.

Officially named  the 'Magic Carpet Ride' the statue, featuring a young boy on a surfboard, would seem right at home in the northern San Diego, well known for its surfing breaks. But surfers and artists think its dainty look is insulting to the sport, and some have renamed the statue the "Cardiff Kook" and have come up with an interesting way to protest the monument. Under the cover of darkness the statue has been dressed as Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, a British royal bride, a witch during Halloween and Vincent Van Gogh on his birthday, among others. Costuming has included a bridal gown, baggy shorts, a red bra and a military uniform. One of the most outlandish redesigns was about a year ago when a cardboard and canvas shark was built around the statue, seemingly appearing to devour the surfer.

But the Saturday morning of August 13th left joggers, surfers and power walkers marveling at the most elaborate statue redesign to date: a huge pterodactyl poised to swoop down on the surfer, complete with a volcano-painted backdrop, small palm trees and two velociraptors. Crowds gathered within hours in amazement and bemusement, with some posing for photos. However, the joke has worn thin the Encinitas City Hall, which had recently spent $2,000 to repair damage done to the statue. They've even sent a stern letter to one of the suspected artists thought responsible for one of the pranks. And as always, no one has come forward to claim credit for the latest work.

Photo credit: Justin Cote

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