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Pittsbugh Authorities Prepare For Batman Related Reports

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ~ (WTAE-Pittsburgh) ~ Pittsburgh has seen a fair share of crimes but compared to Gotham City those crimes seem tame.† As Director Christopher Nolan and Batman swoop into Pittsburgh with scenes of violence and gunshots 911 dispatchers are preparing for false alarms.

While some Pittsburgh residents are aware of the areas being used by The Dark Knight Rises film crew, those unaware may be startled by scene of graphic and shocking violence on their city streets.

Emergency Management Deputy Director Raymond DeMichiei stated that officials are prepared for calls dealing with calls from the area of the film shoot dealing with explosions or shootings.† DeMichiei also said that he would rather residents call if concerned, even if the emergency turns out to be a false alarm from The Dark Knight Rises.

ďIf you hear shots fired or a disturbance or gunfire, and you feel itís possibly a real event, donít automatically assume that it isnít.† Call 911 and report it and weíll figure it out,Ē DeMichiei instructed Pittsburgh denizens.

Film crew have provided the city with filming schedules to inform then when to expect certain special effects such as gunfire or explosions.

It seems that most Pittsburgh citizenís are well aware of the film as evidenced by the large group of fans who gathered on the steps of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University to watch Batman and Bane slug it out.

Another clue for residents has been the rerouted traffic causing minor inconvenience for many citizens.

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