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How To Piss Off A Doorman in Las Vegas

There are a ton of things you can do to piss off a doorman at a nightclub, and once you do youíre probably not getting in.

Las Vegas Doorman

First of all, there are a thousand people trying to get their attention. Itís plain and simple Ė just donít be annoying! I know youíre probably agitated from standing in line for so long, but wait your turn and be passive aggressive Ė theyíll get to you.

Another good way to annoy the doorman is to be non-discrete about handing them a tip. In some cases, doormen arenít allowed to accept cash tips, so donít be obnoxious if youíre going to use that method to try and get into the club.

Lastly, if the doorman says you or one of your buddies is not dressed appropriately to get in the club, then youíre not getting in the club. Thereís no point in standing there and fighting with the guy Ė you might as well head back to the room to get that change of shoes or whatever it takes so you can get your night started.

From my experience, fighting with a doorman for any reason will end up being a lose-lose situation for you.

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