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Pennsylvania Newlyweds Steal Wedding Recption Food

CENTRE HALL, Pennsylvania ~ (Centre Daily Times) ~ Planning a wedding is a stressful and difficult task, especially on a strict budget; on no budget its even harder.   There’s choosing the dress, picking out the décor, planning seating arrangements and, of course, planning the reception dinner.  But what if you have no money to pay for things such a classy dress or swanky meal?

A Pennsylvania couple thought that they had found the solution to this problem.

The two newlyweds stand accused of stealing over $1,000 dollars of food, drink and other items from a local supermarket.  They had intended the food to be eaten at their wedding reception.

Arthur Phillips III, 32, and Brittany M. Lurch, 22, planned their wedding reception for 5:30p.m.  They were married earlier in the day but had some especially devious errands to run before the celebration.

At 2:30p.m. Police were alerted to a theft at Wegman’s supermarket.

Employees watched the couple through security camera as they filled their shopping cart with food and stroll out the door, without paying, according to a police affidavit.

The two are charged with misdemeanor counts of retail theft and receiving stolen property.  Unable to muster the $2,500 bail the couple was jailed.

Police also discovered a pipe with marijuana residue while searching the lovebird’s car.  The newlywed husband was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Wednesday the couple waived their rights to a preliminary hearing.

Obviously, they never made it to their wedding reception.

Photo Credit: Centre Daily News

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