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Oregon Seniors Receive Over Four Million Views On YouTube [VIDEO]

McMinnville, Oregon ~ An Oregon elderly couple have become the latest viral video sensation starring in “Webcam 101 For Seniors.”

At the time of writing this, the video has 4,783,379 views on YouTube.

Bruce Huffman, 86, and his lovely wife Esther, 79, recently made the jump into the digital era, purchasing their first computer.  The blue laptop came fully equipped with all the latest gadgets, including a webcam.

Last month the Huffman’s sat down in their home at the Hillside Retirement Community and tried to figure out how to make one of those darned webcam videos.

Esther told The Huffington Post that she was figuring out the video recording and didn’t realize the camera was actually running.  Bruce hammed it up the entire time.  “He was being quite an actor,” Esther told The Huffington Post.

The video hit the net after the couple’s granddaughter discovered the video, titled it “Webcam 101 for Seniors” and plastered it on YouTube.

The viral video world never be the same.

High points of hilarity in the almost three-minute long video include, singing, mugging funny faces and, last but not least Bruce inviting his almost 80-year-old wife to “Drop your dress a little bit and (we’ll) see your boobies.”

Bruce had no such luck.  Esther was all business and stuck of deciphering the mysterious webcam device.

According to The Oregonian the couple "married seven years ago after their spouses from previous marriages died, [and] are 'very much still in love' ”

Unfortunately the couple doesn’t plan to make any video appearances.

Check out the video below:

Webcam 101 for Seniors

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