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Nudes Of Scarlett Johansson Ordered Off Perez Hiltons Site

The controversy surrounding celebrity phone hackings continues to develop.† Recently both Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis have been victims of phone hacks.

The FBI is close to busting the hackers who recently cracked Scarlett Johanssonís phone and distributed nude photos of her onto the Internet.

According to TMZ, who was first in reporting the scandal, the FBI already knows the identity of the main criminal.

Sources told TMZ that the FBI is very close to nailing the group of hackers and know the identity of the ringleader.

Apparently the same hackers are behind leaked photos of Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Ali Larter.† The group also claims responsibility for leaking the script for the upcoming Tom Cruise film, Rock of Ages.

There was no report on the website connecting Johanssonís phone hack to Mila Kunisí hack, which reportedly contained revealing pictures of Justin Timberlake and possibly explicit text message conversations between the couple.

The photos of Johansson included a pose lying on a bed, revealing her breasts, and another taken in a mirror of her bare bottom.

According to The Vancouver Sun Johanssonís lawyer, Marty Singer, has issued letters to websites hosting the nude of photos of The Avengers star, including celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.† Hilton confirmed that he had received one of the letters on the AMP radio show with Carson Daily on Thursday morning.

The letters state that the photos are ďstolen copyright protected private photographs.Ē

If the FBI does indeed break up the hacking ring, it will be at the detriment of perverts everywhere.† Isnít there something else the FBI should be investigating?

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