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Nike+ GPS Allows Runners to Play Tag

Tag, you're it. A game that has been around since your grandfather's great great grandfather was running around barefoot in the snow, is now being awarded a slight technical upgrade via Nike's Nike+ GPS application.

Since the Apple's app. world has taken over our tech crazed lifestyles, why not bring the universe's top athletic brand, Nike, in as a collaborative partner for runners? The new and improved Nike+ GPS application allows runners to play a game of virtual tag. Obviously with no literal touching, the primary objective remains the same and holds true to its nursery school day roots. The goal, don't be "it."

You become "tagged" whenever you run the slowest or are the last individual to reach a certain point or run the shortest distance, etc. So as you can see, there are definitely many obvious modifications, but still a pretty cool concept nonetheless. I mean we human beings are fairly competitive in nature, right? Therefore, it should warrant some due success.

As I'm sure many of you remain a tad confused on the concept, here is how Nike explains it best:

• After a run, a Nike+ GPS App user is prompted to Play Tag
• The user can invite – or “Tag” – as many Nike+ friends and email contacts as they choose
• The user can customize the message that goes to friends
• The user sets a game of Tag based upon either distance (person who runs shortest distance is IT), time (person who runs for the shortest amount of time is IT), or order (person to run last is IT).
• Tag begins once the user invites his/her friends
• Once Tag begins, the game will continue until each runner has taken part, or up to three days, whichever comes first
• The Nike+ GPS App tracks each time a runner is IT and NOT IT
• If no one other than the initiator takes part, he/she is not IT, the game just dissolves after three days

The application is currently available for download via the iTunes app. store, for free to already subscribed Nike+ GPS persons or for the steep price of $1.99 for all others.

Happy gaming, all.

See accommodating video below:

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