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Nicole Kidman Reveals She Was Damaged After Divorce with Tom Cruise

Everyone knows that Nicole Kidman went through a difficult period following her divorce to Tom Cruise in 2000 after a ten year marriage, but she never really opened up about it until now.

For the first time, Kidman is providing details concerning that dark period of her life in the new issue of Marie Claire UK.

"As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23," she says. "I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love. And that is something that is hard to do.”

The former Mrs. Tom Cruise, who has said in the past that she had become “a star only by association,” had difficulties with the high-profile relationship but was willing to commit to it because of her love for Cruise.

'It's hard when you're young. But I'm ready to give up anything for love, because ultimately, that is what you have.'

However, the real difficulties started when her relationship with Cruise began to fall apart. "I was really damaged and not sure whether that was ever going to happen again to me," she told the magazine.

Luckily, good things were in her future including a happy marriage to country star Keith Urban, with whom she’s “crazy in love,” the birth of her first daughter Sunday Rose, and now the birth of her second daughter, via surrogate, Faith Margaret.

"I certainly never thought I'd have a baby at 41. But we never know what's around the corner."

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