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Neyo Sings to Paris Hilton at Surrender Nightclub [PHOTOS]

It's an odd pair but they definitely got the party started on Saturday night at Surrender Nightclub when R&B Sensation Ne-Yo sang to Paris Hilton in front of hundreds of fans.

Photo by Erik Kabik |

Ne-Yo took the center stage for a 20 minute performance under the open sky, singing "Miss Independant" and other fan favorites. He grabbed Paris Hilton from the audience and brought her on stage to dance before going on to sing "Sexy Love," "Closer," and his latest song, "Beautiful Monster." After his performances, he headed back to his second story cabana where he enjoyed Grey Goose and Red Bull with his entourage of 12+ friends.

Earlier in the evening, Paris Hilton and Ne-Yo were both spotted at Encore Beach Club, enjoying the scenery of Las Vegas' newest venue.

Photo by Erik Kabik |

Photo by Erik Kabik |

Photo by Erik Kabik |

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