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New SpongeBob Bikini Shaving Kit for Kids

So another quality kid’s toy was released to the masses making it pretty clear why the next generation is going to hell in a handbasket.

The toy is called “SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Groom & Go.”

No need to reread that last line, this product is sadly real and available at regular stores.

Surprisingly, Nickelodeon is the company that has put this shocking toy on the shelves for--get this--kids three and over.

Thank god because anything younger would be so inappropriate.

The “toy’s” packaging looks harmless enough, with its bright colors and picture of a young boy pretending to shave his face, but the name on the box makes it just totally and utterly wrong. I don’t care if “Bikini Bottom’ is the place where SpongeBob lives, this is ridiculous.

And let me tell you, the very enthusiastic look on SpongeBob’s face on the can of bath foam doesn’t help things either.

Seriously, if this isn’t a sick joke of some sort than someone in advertising is about to get the royal boot in the ass for this one.

In the meantime, millions of young girls and boys have probably seen this repulsive product and now think that SpongeBob supports bikini shaving ….as if they didn’t have enough to worry about anyway.

Supposedly, feminists are up in arms over this product, as they very well should be, so I’m hoping it’ll be pulled from the shelves soon so some parents can save a few bucks on therapy for their kids.

Well done Nickelodeon. Yet another stellar ‘Made in China’ kid's product.

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