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New Opera Based On Anna Nicole Smith

London – According to AP, Britian's Royal Opera to produce new opera based on the short rags-to-riches story of former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. Story filled with sex, drugs, wealth, and tragedy. Smith at age 39 passed away in 2007.

Featuring music by composer Mark-Anthony Turnage and a libretto by Richard Thomas, whom also co-created another opera 'Jerry Springer: The Opera'. The company bills the opera as “provocative in its themes, exciting in its bravura style and thrilling with its sheer contemporary nerve.” The opera opens Thursday for six performances, with a high-art cast warming of 'extreme language, drug abuse and sexual content'. Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek to play Smith, and baritone Gerald Finley as Howard K. Stern.

Smith died tragically of an accidental overdose in February 2007. Her life went from Playboy Playmate to constant ridicule in the tabloids. She was a single mother in a small texas town that went from topless dancer to heirs to tabloid superstar. She loved to be on camera, even gave birth to daughter Dannie Lynn by cesarean was filmed. Smith was preceded in death by her son Daniel, 20, also of a drug overdose five months before her death.

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