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"Neighbor From Hell" Erects Four Foot Middle Finger On Lawn

Park Orchards, Australia ~ (Manningham Leader) ~ Borrowing a cup of sugar, playing bridge, and sipping on coffee are all time honored friendly traditions shared by neighbors.  Constructing a giant middle finger on one’s front lawn is, however, not looked on so favorably.

A feud between Park Orchard residents and 47 year-old “neighbor from hell” David Muscat, escalated to the point of inspiring Muscat to construct a giant wooden sculpture to flip the finger to any passers by.

The Manningham Leader reports that Muscat built this profane piece of lawn art in August of 2010 following resident's complaints to the local government in regards to illegal removal of trees on Muscat’s property.

The lack of plants from Muscat’s lawn accentuates the statue, which stands four feet tall and was constructed with only a chainsaw.  Puzzlingly, the hand faces Muscat’s own house.

The finger statue is only the latest of many lewd gestures Muscat has made the community has taken to be offensive.  Neighbor John Washbourne alleged, during a court appearance last week, that Muscat head butted him, “shoulder charged” his wife, and pointed a leaf blower into both of their faces after they asked him to turn it off.

A neighbor, too scared to be named, reported to The Herald Sun that Muscat is “the neighbor from hell” and also he’d “be quite happy if he just packed up and went away.”

After all was said and done Muscat pleaded guilty to assault, building the sculpture, and a noise complaint leading to AU$700 in fines.

Ironically, Muscat also faces AU$10,000 for illegal removal of trees, the complaint that started the feud in the first place.

Photo Credit: Manningham Leader

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