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Nebraska Man Passes Out In Limo Decides To Steal It

LINCOLN, Nebraska ~ (KETV–Omaha) ~ Anyone who has ever partied in a limousine bus has wondered just how much money it was worth or how awesome it would be to own one.  Chances are that anyone has partied on a limo of such immense size was partying pretty hard.

In Nebraska such a partygoer passed out and became locked in the bathroom and forgotten.  When he woke up, he decided the bus was his to take.

Lincoln, Nebraska police report that a 30-year-old man stands accused of the damage to and theft of a 40-foot limousine.  A pair of the man’s jeans and his wallet led to the discovery of the limo and the thief himself.

Apparently the man passed out in the bathroom of the limo and became locked inside.  He then decided to steal the vehicle.

Leisure Limousine Service’s owner reported that 80 thousand dollar limousine bus was missing from its parking lot at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.  According to a police report, just hours before the bus was parked in the lot along with the company’s other vehicles, with its keys in the ignition.

The bus was discovered at around noon with damage to the bathroom, scratches on the passenger side and a missing hubcap, Lincoln Police said.

A pair of jeans and a wallet was found in the bathroom of the bus.  The ID in the wallet led to Steven Hunter, who had been partying on the bus during its last trip.

Police said that Hunter had passed out in the bathroom during the previous night’s party and awoke to find himself locked inside.

Police found Hunter at a local sports bar on Saturday evening.

Hunter was cited on unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and suspicion of criminal mischief.

Photo Credit: KETV-Omaha/Leisure Limousine Service

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