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National Tattoo Day Is Celebrated in Las Vegas

I bet you didnít know there was a such thing! In celebration of National Tattoo Day, Club Tattoo inside Miracle Mile Shops is offering 10% percent off everything in the store this Wednesday.
Club Tattoo Las Vegas

Itís simple. All you have to do is mention the code ďNTDĒ and the 10% percent discount will be applied to any services such as tattoos, piercings, body jewelry or retail items.

Back in 1995, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and his buddy Sean Dowdell had originally founded Club Tattoo in Arizona. Nearly 14 years later they opened their first and only Las Vegas location inside Miracle Mile Shops. This location features a talented roup of tattoo artists and body piercers. On top of that, the store features a full boutique of Club Tattoo branded apparel and more.

If you havenít seen Club Tattoo Las Vegas yet, this Wednesday June 3rd would be a great day to check it out and receive a 10% percent discount on any of your purchases!

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