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NASA Document Reveals Mysterious Extraterrestrial Messages

Washington D.C. ~ ( ~ The United States government released documents onto the internet that acknowledge the existence of U.F.O.’s.

The documents reveal that humans and aliens have been in contact with one another via signals that government scientists are striving to decipher.  So far they have had little success. reported on this matter two years ago relaying information from a source referred to as “Tina.”

“Tina” claimed to have spent time working for the Pentagon’s D.A.P.R.A. agency, writing and receiving messages regarding possible first contact with extra-terrestrials in the year 2013.  She also stated that a U.F.O. would land in the daylight to make first contact.

Writer Michael Cohen of disagrees with his informant, citing her sketchy details regarding the messages.  Cohen’s own research contradicts “Tina” in various ways including the direct nature of the messages.

According to Cohen, “The messages are a complex series of pulses that seem to be an attempt to use basic numeric and linguistic principles that might be deciphered by any intelligent technological civilization.”  These pulses run only one way, from the aliens to us, as opposed to “Tina’s” information, which claimed that the government was already in contact with extraterrestrials.  He continues,  “Enormous effort has been made to decipher these U.F.O. messages with some apparent success.  In the US much of this effort centers around N.A.S.A.’s Ames Research division.  All concepts and ideas deciphered are to some degree speculative but many researchers are in agreement on the basics.”

The document can be viewed here:

The document does seem to imply the deciphering of messages from outer space.  It remains to be seen if a U.F.O. will land in 2013 to make first contact between humans and extraterrestrials.

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